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Tribute to the Scientists
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A Tribute to internationally renowned Space Scientists
Rajasthan Sewa Samiti Sanchalit
Rajasthan Hindi High School and Rajasthan Eng.Hr.Sec.School
Shahibaug,Ahmedabad- 380004
A Tribute to internationally renowned Space Scientists
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Prof. U.R.Rao
(10 March 1932- 24 July 2017)

Padma Vibhushan

Ex. Chairman, ISRO

Prof. Yash Pal Sharma
(26 Nov.1926 – 24July 2017)

Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan

Chief Consultant,
Planning Commission
Secretary, Department of
Science and Technology

Dr. K.N. Shankara
(May 7, 1945- Jul 17, 2017)

Padma Shri

(Ex. Director of ISRO's (SAC),
Ahmedabad and (ISAC),
Bangalore Ex. Director of INSAT

Rajasthan Sewa Samiti Sanchalit
Rajasthan Hindi High School and Rajasthan Eng.Hr.Sec.School
Shahibaug,Ahmedabad- 380004
A Tribute to internationally renowned Space Scientists

Ravindrasinh Kachchhava
Rajasthan Eng. Hr. Sec. School

Dr. Shailaja Nair
Rajasthan Hindi High School

Bherulal G. Jain
Rajasthan Schools

Rajasthan Hindi High School &Rajasthan English Hr. Sec. School pay tribute to eminent Scientists

A prayer meet was organized by Rajasthan schools on 10th August, 2017 at the school prayer hall. Versatile Scientists like Dr. S. S. Pokharna, Dr. Abhay Dubey, Prof. Narendra Bhandari, Convenor Shri Bherulalji Jain, Principals, Staff and students present in the prayer hall paid homage to the departed souls. In the serene atmosphere the guest Scientists paid their condolences by remembering the dignitaries and making the students aware about some undisclosed inspirable events from the great lives of late Scientists. Dr. Pokharna acquainted the students about new avenues of research in the field of Science.

The 11 acre area corded by the Library consisted of many amazing species of butter flies, plants etc. the students acquainted themselves with many images of kind species beautifully placed on both the side of the narrow path taken by them. The Resource person Dr. Pratiksha Patel took the students to the botanical garden.

Prof. Bhandari laid stress on the positive attitude to deal with things, team work and persuasion as the key points in the personalities of late scientists which should be followed by the students.

Convenor Shri Bherulalji Jain stated the scientists to be the mile stone in the field of Science and Technology. He thanked the guests for their solemn presence and for guiding students towards attainment of a better India. He also threw light on the feeling of gratitude to be possessed by students for all.

All present in the prayer hall paid homage by keeping mum for two minutes and also prayed for the departed souls. The self-financed section principal Shri Ravindrasinh Kachchhava paid the vote of thanks and the programme concluded with national anthem.

Educational Visit to Serenity Library on 19th July, 2017

The morning of 19th July became more knowledgeable and pleasant for Biology students of Rajasthan English Hr. Sec. School as guided by their teachers classes XI – B and XII – B visited a Serenity Library located at Bhat in the lap of nature. The bus carrying students reached the Library at 9:00a.m.

The 11 acre area corded by the Library consisted of many amazing species of butter flies, plants etc. the students acquainted themselves with many images of kind species beautifully placed on both the side of the narrow path taken by them. The Resource person Dr. Pratiksha Patel took the students to the botanical garden.

A number of varied plant species were witnessed by the students. After seeing the rare species with special qualities like Madhunashi Sankgandha, Indian corts tree, Arjun tree left the students with awe struck expression.

They were asked to taste the leaves of ‘ Madhunashi’ which make the tastebuds ineffective and there after students could not detect the sweet taste of chocolates provided to them.

The young leaves of Teak wood tree were given to students who practically saw the leaves imparting red colour on being rubbed. The holy ‘Druva’ grass associated with many myths in Mahabharta was also seen. Sight of other rare species like Cardboard Palm, Cycus, Silk Cotton tree, Bronge Shiel, Blue snake weed, couroupitagianmis made the students feel the wonder of plant kingdom.

Medicinal uses of some plants like Bryophyllum, Arjun tree, Bonbax ceba, Tinospora on Neem tree help in curing kidney stones, blood pressure, pimples and diabetes respectively. They also saw Nagliaugum tree which sheds its leaves on detecting pollution.

Inside the hall ‘ Herkaridum’ sheets of many plants species, safely kept were seen by the students. The monsoon season alert from snakes was given by the resource person and also four types of poisonous snakes and the way to detect a special type was told to the young biologists.

Thus with a pack of knowledge and bundle of joy the group returned back to school a 12:30p.m.

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“True ease comes from art and not chance As those move easiest who have learned to dance”

This thought of the great poet A. Pope goes well with students teaching learning experience outdoors. Educational tours prove motivating and inspiring.

Away from the monotonous class room teaching a trip to Bakor forest in district Panchmahal was arranged on January 6, 2017 for Hr. Sec. Science Stream students.

It was 6: a.m. a chilly winter morning. All students of self – finance Hr. Sec. Section who present on time with freshness writ large on their faces. A day’s trip to Bakor by two buses started at 6:30 a.m. Now the exploration of the various trees path and topography began. Bakor’s way was mountainous and had narrow and steep roads.

After proceeding for one and a half hour the breakfast was served in a dinning area at Derasar and then at 9:30 the buses reached Kaleshwari temple complex. Under the guidance of efficient teachers the students curiously outstretched their wings towards gaining knowledge. Two step wells named Sasu ni Vav & Vau ni Vav made the students realize the advanced technology in 15th & 16th century when it was built. Students explored the place with pleasure under guided instructions and developed inspiration.

The whole place was full of Teak trees, their big yellow leaves were lying on the ground giving it a fawn colour. The Aravallis on one side were welcoming the students. After climbing nearly 110 stairs, we reached the remains of two Lord Shiva temples. It is believed that Hidimba lived in this forest and got married to one of the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata period. The place where Anjuna got married stands by the name of Arjun NI Chori and Bheem’s wedding place is named as Bheem ni Chori. The huge foot mark of Hidimba and Bheem’s feet was also seen by the students.

The art of making statue of equal size and the usage of Geometry and Symmetry were clearly visible on the remains present. After two hours of sightseeing, students proceeded to Sundarvan Camp Sight. The fresh fields of mustard with yellow flowers welcomed the students. Birds like Turkey and Goose were also seen. At 3:30 p.m. the Trekking to Bakor forest started. It was a deep narrow stretch of nearly two and a half km. which had many trees with flowers and distinctive leaves. The tree named ‘Tendu’ ( Asian ebony tree) whose leaves are used for making Beedis was also spotted. The other trees like Mahua ( butter tree), custard apple various berries were also seen. The jungle was full of Teak trees. The guide to the forest told that the Trekking path became a river in rainy season as the lake water coming from Aravallis flows down during the period. The lake had beautiful water falls with crystal clear water and Aravalli mountain standing as a guard. The boulders big and small were all clear and the place was full of birds and wild life like Hyena, Neel Gay etc. It was told that Leopard visited the lake to drink water.

Teaching Learning atmosphere had become interesting and spontaneous there. It was a trip where we moved from the confines of the class room to the world at large. Students made the trip memorable by engaging themselves in multiple modalities no matter which pair of disciplinary lenses were intended to where. It was a trip which enriched students own disciplinary approach to Nature,

It ended at 11:30 when the bus reached back to school and the happy students were escorted at home by their parents.

A Visit to the Science Exhibition at Science City

A five week long Nobel Prize Exhibition and Nobel Laureates Symposium at Gujarat Science City started from January 9, 2017.

An Exhibition par excellence was visited by students of Rajasthan English Higher Secondary School of (Self-financed Section) during school hours on 13th of January 2017 duly escorted by their teachers.

A series of things which were fathered by Nobel Prize winners were the centre of attraction at the show. Varied inventions and their relevance was witnessed.

It had featured contacts from the Nobel media on five themes. Besides conveying features on the Nobel Prize and Alfred Nobel, the exhibits also covered the themes of Nobel Prize other decades, Nobel Prize in our daily life and Nobel Prize in the future.

Students here became aware how Science can be used for humankind and how a truly innovative environment in the society can be created through Science. The knowledge and unparalleled exposure our students and academicians received during the visit was truly priceless.

Students also visited the Botanical garden of Ahmedabad. There the students were provided with activities and were made to realize that such visits are innovative grounds for discovering something new.

Biology students explored various plants, birds, trees present in the garden. The vivid flora and fauna available took the students by awe when they fancied them.

At one of the places they stared in amazement at the collection of stones and at the other end there were vivid birds making the environment splendid by their noisy happiness.

At the end the students returned back and were full of practical knowledge of plants and animals they study in their books. An enchanting enthralling and a knowledgeable visit it would be summed as.

Report on visit to AVOCAB WIRE and CABLES.

Students  of  std.  XI- A  and  XI- B got  an  opportunity  to  visit  to  AVOCAB  WIRES  AND  CABLES , chhatral , Dist. Gandhinagar.  Some  of  the  employers  of  this  company  guided  the  students  about  what  is  produced  in  the  company.  They  helped  the  students  to  know how  cables  are  made. The  company  produces  products  like  industrial  power  cables  upto  1.1KV , Industrial  copper  control  cables  upto  1.1 KV, Industrial  flexible  cables, house  wires and  submersible  cables.   The  cables  which  are  produced  are  then  sent  to  the  quality  department  to  check  its  quality.  Rigid  tests  are  done  and  it  is  checked  at  every  stage  from  raw  material  to  the  finished  product. The  company  ensures  that  their  cables  meet  the  national  standards.  AVOCAB  supplies  their  cables  to  different  companies  like  BHEL , ABB , Airtel, WESTERN RAILWAYS, ONGC , GETCO , GMDC etc.

This  visit  has  motivated  the  students  immensely.

Report on visit to Serenity Library & Botanical Garden and Mother Dairy

Students of std. XI – B get an opportunity to visit Serenity Library & Botanical Garden at Koteshwar village, Motera. We are very much grateful to Dr. Pratiksha and Dr. Santosh, who guided the students and enriched them about different plants, their families and then particular characteristic features. They get the chance to see some exotic plants, vegetables, farming, butterfly, garden etc. Serenity has a well furnished botanical library. Students have also been welcomed by the staff of Serenity to visit the library and use it for their studies and also do bird watching.

The visit to Mother Dairy was also much informative. Ms. Bijal Bhatt took much interest in explaining to the students how milk is received, processed, sterilized, packed etc. How ice cream and milk powder is made along with other products.

This educational tour has motivated students to pursue their studies further in these fields.

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Visit to West-coast Pharmaceutical Company, Gota

Students of Rajasthan Eng. Hr. Sec. School, Self-financed Std. XI got the privilege to visit to company at Gota, Ahmedabad. We are grateful and very much thankful to Shri Om Prakashji Kedia for allowing and arranging the visit to his company. Mr. Ramesh Patel – M.D. of West Coast did all the needful arrangements and guided   us.  Students got fresh hand knowledge of how tablets and ointment are made and how they are packed. The quality control department was also open to the students.

We, the teacher who accompanied the students also could gather much information regarding the preparation of medicines.

Once again we are very much thankful to the school management, school Principal and our respected Co-Convenor- Shri Omprakashji Kedia for the visit.

Visit to IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management)

Students of Rajasthan English Higher secondary -self financed visited the Indian Institute of Management ,Ahmedabad on 20th December 2013, escorted by their teachers.

We really thank Mrs Deepmala Sharma employee of state bank of India and Mr. Vadher the chief engineer of IIMA campus for their support and guidance which helped us to arrange this educational tour to one of the finest institute of management of our country.

Our students were taken to various sections like Louis Kahn plaza , Dr vikram Sarabhai Library, class room of PGM students, subway which joined old campus with the new campus, SBI bank branch of IIM etc. We are very grateful to Mr Chadrashekhar who is the incharge of plantation of IIM campus. He made our tour more informative in nature.

After this educational tour, our students are motivated to work hard to be on the top level of management, by getting admission in IIMA in future.

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Visit to B.V.M. ( Bharat Vijay Mill – Kalol )

Students of Rajasthan Eng. Hr. Sec. School , Self-financed visited Bharat Vijay Mill on 11th December, 2013 escorted by their teachers.

We really thank the governing body of BVM for granting us permission to visit their factory. This educational tour is a memorable one.

The students were taken to all the sections of the Mill and was explained by Mr. Satish Patel. We are very much grateful to him.

Students were informed about the 3 sections of the Mill. i.e.

  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Processing

By way of processing purification of raw-cotton is done. Thereafter fibres are made. The machine named
‘LR6 / AX auto Doffer’  gives the finishing touch to the threads.

Students were enlightened about the working of the Mill.

Lecture on Mars Mission By Dr. R.P. Singh, Scientist, I.S.R.O.

A lecture was delivered by Dr. R.P. Singh, Scientist from ISRO, to the students of Std. Xi, Science Stream, Self-financed on 12.10.2013. In the lecture Dr. R.P. Singh highlighted details of Mars Mission to be launched on 28.10.2013 from Shrihari Kota, Orissa and it will reach there on 31st September, 2014. It will remain there for 6 months. It will leave the earth Orbit in 1 month. It is the first Mission on Mars by India. There are different types of Missions such as
  • Fly by Mission
  • Rover Mission
  • Parachute Mission
  • Orbiter Mission
  • Lander Mission
  • Balloon Mission
The present Mission is I.M.O.M. – Indian mars Orbiter Mission. Dr. R.P. Singh and his group from ISRO are involved in preparing the cameras to be used in PSLV C-25. Dr. R.P. Singh specially pointed out the purpose of this Mission. Journey to various planets will help us to know more about the earth, we live in. The earth is like one room in a Banglow and the other planets are like other rooms about which we are eager to know more.

He also pointed out the variations found in planets in general such as, Moon has no atmosphere but Mars has but very little. Mars is a terrestrial planet having surface. Venus is very hot due to Carbon Dioxide but earth is cool due to plants and trees. The interaction was very positive by giving an opportunity to students for asking questions and students were motivated and showed keen interest in knowing more about the Mars Mission. In all 84 students with all the teachers took part in the event.

Interaction programme for the students with the Astronaut Sunita Williams in Science City on 5th April, 2013, jointly organised by Rajastahn Seva Samiti Sanchalit Rajasthan Schools and Science City. At the event as many as 1500 participants hailing from 25 other schools, engineering colleges, prominent Scientists and invitees. Participants benefitted from Question- Answer session. The programme has indeed made an impact on participants and created inspiration especially to students who were encouraged to ask Science based questions.  

Indian National Science Academy (Ahmedabad Chapter), Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Space Application Centre (SAC), ISRO, Ahmedabad and Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, Gandhinagar.

A three days Science Seminar was conducted in the premises of Rajasthan Sewa Samiti Sanchalit Rajasthan Schools on current Trends in Science jointly organized by Science City, PRL, ISRO and GUJCOST, Gandhinagar from 21 to 23 December, 2012.

It is to encourage and motivate students to explore the hidden aspects of Science.

Prominent Scientists from Physical Research Laboratory, Space Application Centre and Science City will interact with students from various schools. The scientists will brief the students about Space and Earth Science. This will inculcate an interest for science in students.

At the Seminar the following Scientists spoke to motivate and inculcate interest and creative attitude in the students in the field of Science.

On the 1st day the following scientists spoke:
  • Dr. Vishal Joshi - Laser rays and its uses
  • Dr. Shashikiran Ganeshan – Windows to the Universe
  • Dr. Lokesh Sahoo – Earth’s atmosphere, Green House Gases, aerosols & climate changes
  • Dr. Gautam Samanta – Laser for current Trends
  • Dr. Namit Mahajan- Higgs Bosson – Science & Technology
  • Dr. Bhushit Vaishnav- career guidance
  • Dr. Narottam Sahoo – Out fof box thinking & Career guidance
  • Dr. Prakash Chauhan – Exploring our Universe
  • Shri Shashikant Sharma – Remote sensing- an eye in the sky
  • Shri P.S. Thakkar- Archeology from Space
Dr. Rajmal Jain, Dr. Namit Mahajan and Dr. Shashikiran Ganesh were the judges in selecting the best projects. The best 3 projects were awarded prizes. There were 45 projects from 11 other schools.

Altogether there were 500 students from std. 9 to 12 and 50 teachers and guests were participated and benefitted. They were very curious to explore their Science knowledge. They were interacted with Scientists by asking questions related Science.

On the 2nd day the Scientists dealt with topics related to achievements gained by Dr. Ramanujan in Maths popularly known as MAGIC SQUARE highlighted by DR. Narottam Sahoo, Science City. Exploring our Universe - exploration of the Moon using Space Technology, highlighted by Dr. Prakash Chauhan from SAC.

Archeology from Space presented by Shri P.S. Thakkar from SAC, an eye in the sky, explained by Shri Shashikant Sharma from ISRO.

Altogether there were 500 students from std. 9 to 12 and 50 teachers and guests were participated and benefitted. They were very curious to explore their Science knowledge. They were interacted with Scientists by asking questions related Science

On the 3rd day, the day was devoted to career guidance headed by Dr. Bhushit Vaishnav, Dr. N. Sahoo and Shri Shashikant Sharma. Opportunities were opened to all specially to the students of standard X and XII and their parents to ask questions on any Science topics.

There were 100 parents, 300 students of std. 10 and 12, teachers and guests were participated in career guidance. They were interacted with prominent scientists and benefitted. Altogether in the course of the 3 days seminar more than 1500 students were participated and benefitted as well as got information about Science.

It is note-worthy that in the course of the 3 days programme information about “INSPIRE SCHOLARSHIP” i.e. innovation in Science pursuit for inspired research, was highlighted. It is a

project undertaken by the Government of India to motivate students to pursue Science Courses to become Scientists.

The programme was concluded with the valedictory function comprising prizes and certificates distribution.

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  • Rajasthan English Hr. Scc. School is going to conduct a Science Seminar on 23rd & 24th April, 2010, in which Scientists from PRL, Science City and Research Centre and more than 25 school students are invited.

  • Scientists from PRL will give the Seminar on 'Space Science and Earth Science".

  • Dr. Raghavan Rangrajan will give lecture on Linear Hydro C'ollision (LHC), Scientists from PRL and Science City will show films on Chandrayan, Mars Mission and Bio diversity. To upgrade their teachers and students, management and principals are always taking great interest.
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