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  • Airy Smart "Technology Enabled" Classrooms
  • Computer Lab with Multimedia
  • Computer Aided Learning
  • Audio Visual Hall
  • Well Equipped Labs
  • Activity Hall for Activity Based Learning
  • Resource Center with books, CD Rooms
  • Guidence by Prominent Scientist
  • Cooled Water
  • Play Ground
  • Canteen
  • Beautiful and Aesthetically Designed Campus
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  Advance Technology  
Audio Visual Aids
Children in Apt Concentration
Interactive Class
Audio Visual Aids Audio Visual Aids Audio Visual Aids
  Internet Facility  
Students Working on Laptops More Reference Study under the Guidance of Teachers Group assignment
Final Touches to our Project Children Browsing Net on Scientific Topics Teachers Preparing Lessons on Power Point
  Resource Center  
Books of Different Kinds for Science Subjects Children Selecting the Books of Their Choice Young Budding Scientists
Group Study during Free Periods Reference Books And Books for Competitive Exams  
Biology Lab Chemistry Lab Identifying Cations and Anions
Observing The Specimens Physics Lab Preparing Slides And Observing
Students Enjoy And Learn Teacher Explaining In Physics Lab Titration In Progress